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 We understand how the markets work, we know all the Retail Electricity Providers, and we understand the various product structures. We have procured many thousands of electricity contracts, and are transacting everyday on behalf of our clients. 


PAL Energy Smart specializes in negotiating, aggregating, and procuring electricity in the energy deregulation markets as to provide optimal energy products & low-cost electricity, natural gas, and other benefits for our customers in helping them to reduce their bottom line by reducing their monthly energy bills...


 Aggregating and analyzing market data is a full time job. We filter out the noise, and glean relevant, actionable intelligence so that our clients don’t have to. Generic information is useless. That’s why we only deliver the intelligence that’s relevant to your unique profile. Whether it’s supplier analysis, market monitoring, or regulatory oversight, we push the information you need, when you need to know. 



PAL Energy Smart utilizes technology and other expeditious measures to track your account in real time, and calculate renewal rates with every tick of the market so we can send automatic price alerts when your targets are hit. We then notify you the alloted date and timing for contract signing upon accurately review the most current energy market data.


We handle the tedious processes, such as market monitoring, gathering data, coordinating the competitive bid process, negotiating contracts, auditing bills, and resolving all services issues, through a single point of contact. This leaves you to simply make the important decisions, while we do the rest.