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Clover POS

Clover Station


Clover Station’s perfect balance of style, speed, functionality and simplicity has made it one of the highest in demand on the market. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3 since it comes pre-configured and ready to work with the associated hardware.


With it’s easy learning curve and state-of-the-art interconnected app based software, monitoring reports, inventory tracking, employee management and marketing has never been easier.

Combined with its FD40 Pin Pad, the Clover Station becomes a processing giant making it capable of processing: 

  • Pin-based debit transactions
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet
  • MasterCard PayPass
  • Visa payWave
  • EMV

In addition, thanks to its unique Cloud based network, merchants can now view and manage their business on the go from their mobile devices.

Clover Mini


Don’t be fooled. This powerful compact POS system can do everything a Clover Station can do while using a fraction of the counter space. Whether standalone or combined with the Clover Station it’s small, versatile and can accept virtually all types of payments.


Clover Mini is EMV-ready coming fully equipped with:

  • Integrated Bar-code and QR reader
  • Front-facing camera
  • Built-in printer
  • On-screen pin-pad
  • On-screen signature capture

This makes accepting payments fast, easy and secure. Because of the ever growing Clover App Market, the Clover Mini has access to everything a business needs now and in the future to adapt to the ever changing market. Contact Us today and find out how to get Clover Mini for FREE!


Clover Flex

Mobile Payments made Fun and Easy!


The Flex, a hand-held, EMV-capable POS device, is designed to be everything and go everywhere for you!

Not only do you get the full capability of EMV acceptance (contact [EMV] chip, contactless [NFC], and traditional stripe transactions), but it also has:

  • Touch Screen
  • Integrated Printer
  • Barcode Scanner

The Flex also has access to some of the best tools in the Clover App Market.

Clover Go


Accept Payments on the Go and Watch Your Business Grow!


Looking for a payment processing solution that follows you wherever you go? Are you a business just starting out and would like a low cost option? Need to add another checkout line without the expense of purchasing more registers?


  • iOS and Android compatible
  • EMV Enabled Chip Reader
  • Card Swiper
  • Clover Security Plus
  • Paperless Receipts

Clover Mobile

Need a mobile POS solution in a pint-size package? Look no further. Clover Mobile POS can do everything the Mini can do; use it as a standalone POS terminal or combine it with a Clover Station and the options are endless. 

Clover App Market


Whether small, medium or large Clover has everything a merchant needs in the form of software to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Find fully interconnected apps for loyalty programs, employee management, accounting integrations, data analytics, marketing and much much more.

Clover Market has over 250 apps and keeps on growing...